Friday, 26 April 2013


Hello ppl! This is latest from Yeah And?
featuring music by Lungfish (computer)


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Yeah And? @ Coachella

Howdy All!

WE are back from Coachella, I would have posted soon, but we have 
been without the internet, which is how I think it should be!
Coachella is an amazing Music and Art festival, down in the Californian Desert,
In a place called Indio, a beautiful place, scorching heat- well
for our delicate English skin, sunshine is defiantly
not something we have been uses to recently! 

Anyway here are some the highlights for the Yeah And studio!

Nothing more fun than getting the bands!

Trying to see the stage on Sunday night at Wu-Tang Clan

Beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon

Live Art studio

just hanging out at the dog- one of the many art installations 
around the festival

Just arriving to see Blur on friday night

These were the centre installation and also the best way
to cool down when it hit 35 degrees!

The Amazing Biffy Clyro

Simon Neil you are amazing!!

Rainbow light up palm trees, ignore the dates on the images
for some reason my camera is in a different time dimension!

Just off the plane getting ready to drive down to Indio, CA but defo not
going to forget me Yeah And? Sam tee!

The Snail which roamed the festival and left a bubble trail- this was 
covered but artists throughout the weekend! Here we have an artist at work!

These were amazing, beautiful designs!

The Snail at the end of the weekend in movement on its way over to
catch the Chilli Peppers!

They were a perfect way to finish an inspirational
weekend of Art and Music in the dessert!  

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello ppl!
The lastest look at whats going on at the Yeah And? studio!
A little sneak peek at the latest Photoshoot, including Jae-Zee Designs,
Yeah And? customised and Renewal!